Is your life bigger than a “to do list”?

Is there ever enough of you to go around? Who’s taking care of you? Is this even on your radar?


Signs of perfectionism & busy stress mode:

  • Feeling like life is running you - NOT you living it
  • Being stretched too thin and feeling you have no time
  • Feeling overwhelmed, angry, or exhausted often
  • Experiencing sex as an obligation
  • Operating in never-ending perfectionism
  • Living in high-stress mode as normal
  • Hearing your persistent inner critic judge you
  • Numbing out and feeling robotic, or even emotionless

What impact does stress mode have on you?  

Has your go-go-go lifestyle put you on autopilot?  Are you living with tons of pressure and responsibility? Are you unable to listen to your body’s daily needs, forcing you to numb out to get it all done?  Otherwise known as - survival mode. Living here has a cost. An impact on your health, your relationships, your work/mission, and most importantly, your sense of fulfillment.

Do you experience any of the physical & emotional symptoms of stress mode?

  • Difficulty losing weight regardless of your strategy
  • Chronic anger, frustration, disappointment, or depression
  • Lower back or neck pain - even generational ailments
  • Not being able to turn your brain off or poor sleep
  • Recurring mysterious aches or pains for decades
  • Feeling numb inside - or not knowing what you feel at all
  • Using drugs, alcohol, or isolation to cope with life
  • Having poor digestion, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases
  • Low sex drive or desire levels
  • Difficulty trusting or opening up, especially with men

How do you experience life? Is stress running you? Or, are you enjoying being you?

Discover a new way of living. Women ReFueled™

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Before / After

Breathe again.  Smile more. Enjoy being you.  Create your life.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here is just a few before and afters of the women we serve, Women Refueled.™  Wait til you hear more stories in the videos below.

Through our proven Reclaim You™ process, I can give you in days what took me years to learn from traveling the world, being mentored, and investing millions.  You will discover an extraordinary way to live. Not a short-term fix - a daily practice of you refueling and growing in The Three Lifestyle Pillars™ which impact women the most.

How do Women ReFueled™ experience life?

  • Walking in inspiring personal freedom
  • Feeling vibrant and passionate about life
  • Enjoying growing in all aspects of life
  • Looking forward to passionate intimacy
  • Creating results from a place of high energy
  • Letting go of perfectionism and the old inner critic
  • Being able to identify & partake in her own desires or needs
  • Living as a powerful creator for herself and others
  • Feeling beautiful inside and out regardless of age, weight, etc.
  • Seeing the future as something she creates
  • Loving being an example of unlimited possibility for others

The 3 Lifestyle Pillars

  1. Self-care and leadership -  ReFuel, grow, and feel vibrant
  2. Intimate relationship -  Enjoy passionate living
  3. Live your legacy - Inspire and influence at home or work

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"I’ve become the woman I’ve always wanted to be." - Melissa T, Austin, Tx.

Grow with Women Refueled™


Just ask the women that have gone before you.

My husband, Dan, and I have served women from across the globe from ages 17 to 75.  This work is ageless. Our sweet spot is middle-aged women that have hit a wall - women who are ready for something new that finally works. Something that enables them to access results without the striving.  

The results are staggering.  Take a look at their stories. These women are committed to experiencing the best that life can offer.  They won’t settle. They’ve chosen to matter.

The big question is:  Will you invest in you? Do you matter to you?

Amazing stories of lasting transformation

Laura D., Austin, TX

A marriage miracle transforms a whole family

Waunel G., Dallas, TX

Baby boomer becomes a kid again

Jessica G., Austin, TX

Business momma sees the unseen

More Testimonials

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Shannon Roxy Smith

Life Strategist for Women

I was my first client.  It found me… thankfully.  It put the oxygen back into my life and turned back the clock.  Now, being age 45 feels more like 25 years young. May I share my story with you?  Check out my very real bio video above or my bio page.

Stop wasting time or money on temporary band-aids.  Take a proven fast track and have someone guide you in living ReFueled?  Will you allow me to save you decades of time, pain, and resources? I guarantee it.