Women ReFueled Retreat


Results you will create in four days or less:

  • Begin living your life instead of it running you
  • Live feeling vibrant and young again - turn back the clock
  • End the constant pressure of perfectionism
  • See breakthrough results in your business or finances
  • Let go of pounds of protection that have created weight issues
  • Release underlying stress keeping you tense, aging fast, and in physical pain
  • Integrate trapped emotions from past trauma, pain, offense, or a lack of trust
  • Restore intimacy and passion if your single or not
  • Inspire people to take action by your example
  • Become an influencer that leaves a lasting legacy
  • Enter a lifestyle of dynamic results bathed in lasting fulfillment

Why it Works - The Reclaim You™ Process

Step 1 - The Awakening - Create a New Mindset

Step 2 - Integration - Create New Possibilities

Step 3 - Conditioning - Create a New Reality


Five reasons to take action now

  1. Literally turn back the clock on your appearance, increase your passion & desire levels, and experience an empowered lifestyle possibility not options
  2. Discover what’s hidden and see new possibilities through fresh eyes when you identify old patterns that aren’t serving you
  3. Refuel you and grow for four days with committed women like you. Slow down long enough to make yourself a priority. You matter.
  4. Learn lasting ninja lifestyle tools that last and bypass all the rollercoaster ups and downs. I will personally train you.
  5. Become a powerful creator of your life and a champion for you

We guarantee results.

If you aren’t totally blown away by the end of day two, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

Some Common Questions

Who’s coming?

Meet some of the coolest women on the planet. Achievers, entrepreneurs, mothers, philanthropists, single or married, young or seasoned - a rare community of influential, authentic, courageous, & inspiring women.

Will this process work for me?

Absolutely.  The Reclaim You™ process uses powerful bodywork that rewires the body.  It’s not a mental checklist. Our proven process always works when people are committed to play full out. Ask the many women who have gone before you.

Will this impact my business & ability to make money?

Yes. It’s amazing what happens to your productivity & quality of creating when you're peaceful, clear, and become an influencer.

Will this shift my intimate relationships?

Yes. You may be single or married… it doesn’t matter. You will become the woman that can create an extraordinary relationship with both love & passion.

Will this touch the people around me or my children?

Yes. When you show up as a free woman, people notice. This work shifts everyone around you. You will radically impact your entire sphere of influence.

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What are others saying about Shannon Roxy Smith

What women say

  • I was both terrified it wouldn't work for me (that I was too broken and had been through too much), and terrified that it would work for me. That this bold promise would come true - and it did. And keeps being true every day.  - Laura E., Austin, Texas
  • This retreat was instrumental for me to finally integrate the leftover blocks I still had in my body, at a cellular level, relating to my past and my story with men. You see, it’s one thing to understand intellectually your story, the gifts that came with all of the “mistakes“ of life; yet it’s another stage entirely to actually use those leftover cellular blocks as trophies bestowed upon the radiance of the Feminine!   - Tati D., Montreal, Canada
  • I’ve has such positive shifts as a result of the retreat as well and have never felt such great connection with my husband as I do now.   - Donna F., Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Who am I after attending my first Intensive? FREE! Relaxed. Stress-free. I feel I can create as my true self now. I am peaceful and have released control and fear that once ruled my everyday life. I am ready to both give of myself and receive from others. I am centered, congruent, confident, and compassionate. I am able to see stories for exactly what they are, stories. I have the tools to integrate those emotions, which provides a practical and lasting way for me to handle any emotion or circumstance.   - Kassandra T., Shawnee, Oklahoma

What their spouses say

  • After the first retreat, something truly shifted. She actually seemed to just relax in herself and seemed to giver herself permission to enjoy pleasure for herself instead of a task to hurry and accomplish... Thank you for all you have done and are doing. It is truly healing and changing something in her.   - John G., Dallas, Texas 
  • Thank you so much for everything you are doing for my wife. She deeply believes you saved our marriage today, and I agree with her. She wants a chance to fall in love with me. I can’t thank you enough Shannon.   - Marlon T., Austin, Texas

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Shannon Roxy Smith

Life Strategist for Women

Shannon 1 BA
Shan-Dan 1 BA
Shannon - Family BA

My Before & After Journey

Does your life look good on paper?  My story.

At age 38, my picture perfect life got hijacked.  I had a committed husband, four healthy kids, two thriving investing companies, & the ability to travel.  If you would have asked me if I was happy, I would have said, “YES!” Being an optimistic go-getter at heart, I didn’t see there was any reason for concern.  Honestly, life was too busy to even look at something that would slow me down. I didn’t have time for that. So, I thought.

Right on time.  Something much bigger than me interrupted my autopilot busy mode with a wake-up call.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was asleep while being superwoman. By divine intervention, a series of incredible events over a five year period took me and my husband, Dan, on a journey of self-discovery.  It was a huge investment in time, finances, & focus with us having four young kids.

The return on investment was priceless. How did my life transform?

  • I became a raving fan of Shannon, inside & out
  • My passionless marriage turned into a honeymoon
  • Our children transformed in every way
  • My mission to share this work for women unfolded

My mission found me. Over time, women witnessed the shifts in my life & marriage, and they wanted the same results. I created and took many women through the Reclaim You™ process that radically shifted me in four days or less instead of four years!  

This deep Reclaim You™ process is a profound inner work, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced that aligns you from the inside out.  You will experience powerful group discussions, life-changing insights, & guided self-reflecting bodywork sessions that birth new possibilities within personal to business domains. You will dramatically increase your effectiveness in all aspects of life with more peace and less stress. Miracles happen.

What I am offering will impact every part of your life: from your personal life to growing your income, to expanding your business or mission. You will have the ability to create a fulfilling life of influence, freedom, & peace with zero regrets.

May I guide you? Join the other inspiring & successful women who have already traded out their overwhelm for an intensive experience that radically changed their life. You can Create Results You Love.™ I literally guarantee it. You have nothing to lose.

Before & afters from age 33 vs age 45

Shannon 2 BA
Shannon 3 BA