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My Story

My Life Looked Perfect on Paper at age 38 until a God-Sized hijacking took place. Broadsided.

I had two successful businesses with financial freedom, the stable husband, Dan Patrick, of 20 years, the four healthy kids, and the ability to travel. Isn’t that the American dream?  Well, it is until life interrupts your little parade and shows you what you don’t see.

I had no idea that I was living my life out of a sense of obligation and duty.  Not by choice. I had unknown patterns running the show out of habit and ignorance.  The unknowns that I discovered radically transformed all of my life.

Some of my hidden patterns:

  • My insatiable desire for perfection laced with overcommitment
  • My numbness to my own needs yet being a champion for everyone else
  • My need to close and protect my heart from my husband and intimacy
  • My stressed out way of doing life which led to autopilot survival mode
  • My hidden burn out from conquering 24/7 in business and home

I said yes to an exhilarating journey to know all of me, and what I found was priceless.  When I became a raving fan of Shannon and finally owned that no-one else was responsible to complete me, everything in my life transformed.

What this work did for me:  

  • I became beautiful to me inside & out
  • My marriage became honeymoon again
  • Our four children’s lives expanded
  • My mission to serve achiever women found me

Now, it is my absolute joy to mentor & guide women through the Reclaim You™ Process online or at our live events where I can give women in days what took me years to discover.  An Upgraded Life™ that lasts. Empowering women to “live” their legacy is my why.

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